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What is Quantum Rise?
Quantum Rise is that Energy Breakthrough everyone is seeking driven by highly qualified and seasoned specialists experienced in Quantum Mechanics. We are authors, lecturers and scientists with an immediate mission dedicated to eliminating global warming and climate change through applications of quantum energy systems using ground breaking quantum nanotechnology and hardware. The energy it uses is harvested from our quantum field subtlety different than the atomic world. We believe it is the only answer today to Global Warming.

How is Quantum Rise unique and different?
Quantum hardware uses our QR nanoparticles derived from a natural abundant mineral that you can see, touch, and feel that sources quantum energy by the way it is processed. We listened to what all the acclaimed experts stated regarding quantum energy and applied it (see THE MASTERS). We use University studies after our repeated testing to verify claims in the transitioning nanoworld chemistry as it blends with the quantum field or world. The nanoworld has a different set of rules therefor we have a much higher standard to obtain to get our QR nanoparticles vetted, tested, and blessed. The QR nanoparticles exhibit no ohms or resistance which is one of the keys to their performance. Quantum Mechanics has been hotly debated and challenged for acceptance for a very long time. However, with unbelievably advanced analytical equipment today for students and global universities the transition to quantum has shifted dramatically to the point of even including Artificial Intelligence. A supportive university research study - example: "Single-atom energy-conversion device with a quantum load "– states. “"Our green future may rely on energy-conversion devices at scales and temperatures where quantum effects become relevant or even dominant"

The University of Alberta, Canada article contributes to our future acknowledgments: Researchers create blueprint for 'quantum battery' that doesn't lose charge. We not only know this quite well but have it developed and with third party university testing in 2013.

What are your QR nanoparticles, and what are they made of?
Our QR nano particles have arrived, and they are smart. They are instilled with the universal software of all nature, they seem to know what to do. Similar to stem cells that can become any type of cell needed in the body, our QR nanoparticles can adapt to transform quantum energy into any required frequency needed. They offer the ability to capture free authentic unlimited quantum energy and transform it into usable electricity, as well as microwaves, infrared, and other energies. Our QR nanoparticles have tiny arrays of antennae that can be tuned to any part of the electromagnetic spectrum without effort. Our electron microscopic photos of the QR nanoparticles are shown on our Technology link. We have used third-party university testing to confirmed production of DC electricity without ohms or resistance. The QR battery system will introduce quantum technology to many industries. Importantly, to note the QR battery system is not based on lithium chemistry like most all other batteries. The QR nanoparticles are made from abundant metals and minerals that are less expensive, freely available, and sustainable.

What is Quantum?
A measurement of the smallest possible amount of something. (request Opinion Paper) Meaning matter or energy that can be measured by any means and observed doing something. It means that the unit has no incremental steps, the quantum leap, to the next unit, a phenomenon known as the quantum leap. In quantum, energy can be a wave or particle simultaneously.

How can energy in the quantum state 'collapse' from a wave to a particle just by being observed?
It's the same way that a young man's heart melts when the pretty girl in the room looks at him. His heart starts racing, brain imagining and hormones pumping. All this from a 'look'. When we turn our attention to the quantum state, try to measure it, play with it, give it our entire attention, it responds. Like the young man, our quantum energy loves the attention, is ready to play, and will turn itself inside out to impress us. Why? because that's its job, to make itself available for us, to join forces for productive work.

How is Quantum applied to energy?
The Quantum state of energy is still energy, but is liberated from the binding forces of bulk chemistry and physics. Matter is understood to be solid particles and a wave form at the same time. Particles can exist in 2 or more places at once and act as one. Energy in this free form is everywhere and available for our use. Matter and energy become the same thing.

How do you capture energy in this form?
Make a device that exploits the quantum effect in a usable way. Many quantum effects have been discovered, and the goal is to attract them to an environment where they feel at home. Such a quantum device can duplicate the subtle forces that govern the quantum state and attract them like a magnet. That is accomplished through to the processing and procedures in our QR Quantum Battery.

Is it safe to use?
Yes, as long as the device is well designed, we can extract 'free' energy from the atmosphere or elements on Earth. Energy is everywhere, but quantum state energy is our target for generating normal electricity or magnetism.

What is the goal of Quantum Rise?
To deliver the technology that lets us start using clean quantum energy. It is reproducible in mass quantities however has a very small footprint because it is nano. We seek to manufacture with open source and educate people to begin using these devices to quickly heal the planet and stop climate change and global warming. These are big goals, but they are achievable and desperately needed. Please send this website to your friend, Congress people and quickly spread the world. We are in a "Code Red" and this technology is the first step in global repair.

How will Quantum Rise change our global climate?
This is our ultimate challenge as a society - global warming. Addiction to conventional energy and not being able to use Quantum energy has led to the consequences of atmospheric carbon oversupply due to CO2 production. Methane and other gases also contribute to our global warming. We can change our path and start reducing CO2 through the application of quantum energy to help restore our planet and eliminate global pollution. We experienced a brief taste of this reality with clears skies during our initial COVID 19 quarantine period. Outside, we felt free again to just breath in these clear skies. Quantum Rise starts with you, your awareness and support. It is the people (YOU) that are going to make this happen, and we have perhaps everything at stake with the urgency of global warming and climate change. We ask you to become a part of this message and use your social media to communicate with others daily. Global education and awareness is just as important as financial support. We have so very much at stake, and have so much to look forward to in this shift.

What choices do we have?
1. We do nothing, ignore the acclaimed expert's conclusions and advice, and go back to accepting global warming, climate change, pollution, a struggling global economy, and job losses. Remain living in the present.
2. We join together, realize we are the future, make this shift with Quantum Rise, and do whatever it takes to stop global warming and climate change, create new jobs, and return back to a balanced world in human health and mental well-being.

This comes none too soon. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published their AR6 Climate Change 2021 report. The sprawling assessment, compiled by 234 authors relying on more than 14,000 studies from around the globe. Our planet is already seeing the impact in the form of extreme fire behavior, severe flooding, relentless drought and deadly heat waves.

The IPCC report makes clear that stopping methane emissions is key to slowing the planet from reaching 1.5 degrees. Scientists say world leaders need to act immediately in tackling all greenhouse gas emissions, and not just carbon dioxide. Methane, an invisible, odorless gas with more than 80 times more warming power in the near-term than carbon dioxide.

The report shows not just fires, but rising seas, floods, drought, extinction -- will become a horrific "normal" unless governments move at breakneck speed to not just reduce but eliminate fossil fuel pollution in our lifetimes. Quantum Rise can do this.

How will Quantum Rise create jobs?
Quantum Rise is a global shift representing the hope of future generations and job creation. Perhaps you noticed how fast major companies reinvented themselves to produce medical equipment when the pandemic arrived? A similar transformational urgency arose with companies during World War II. Agriculture production, open access to water extracted from the atmosphere and food production - quantum energy makes all of this possible. In the quantum world, there are unlimited applications lying just ahead. It is up to you. Quantum technology will create exciting new jobs that people will be proud of.

Why are we having such challenges today?
Has it occurred to you that we may be headed for extinction? Now the August 2021 IPCC report includes that. We know is that Mother Nature always wins and always seeks balance. Forcibly altering Mother Nature does not work and is not sustainable. All plants and animals have their own innate immune systems and become susceptible to disease if nature's balance is disrupted. Covid 19 is an obvious disrupter. Nature naturally experiences continual mutations, and makes its own decisions that dictate our path from evolution to extinction. What were the true underlying events that caused this? Nature evolves organically. Our goal is to live in harmony with nature and not abuse it. We have a doorway now in front of us using Quantum energy in nature. We need to take it.

What is the history of Quantum RISE and where did it come from?
In 1960 Dr. Robert M. Ricketts DDS., MS., NMD. is a quantum pioneer who computerized “quantum mechanics” when computers were only just punch cards. He traced x-rays of his patients' skulls, and used quantum programming to apply the geometry of mathematics (and spin) to access the future and arrived at growth predictions. He first applied it in orthodontic treatment and plastic surgery developing the hardware to follow growth movement and extract undeveloped teeth as required since he could obtain that future information. He went on to teach quantum mechanics in the field of Orthodonture across the globe, developing a major scientific following. He formed The American Institute for Bioprogressive Education, which continues to teach Bioprogressive courses today at the University of Illinois at Chicago decades after his passing. His global following included the world's most advanced respected global scientists, doctors, and quantum physicists, all of whom were excited to share their experiences. As these scientists came and went, that sharing never stopped, and they passed on their knowledge to the movement. This organization continued to evolve and grow, with ever more scientists, doctors, and groups all sharing a common humanitarian thread. Eventually in 2007 RISE was formed by H. Delano Roosevelt, the grandson of President Franking D. Roosevelt, as a continuing informal international research group focused on sustainable energy systems studying quantum mechanics. The group at that time was called the Roosevelt Institute for Sustainable Energy (RISE). This later evolved into Quantum RISE in its global quest for quantum sustainable energy which continues to develop the research to actual hardware applications.

What is today's Quantum Rise all about?
A global shift in energy has many ramifications that are not easy or comfortable for countries or companies to absorb. There are a lot of changes ahead. Gen Z and older have become wise to the responsibility of managing our planet. Our future now rests on their shoulders for the responsibilities of the later generations. The energy options we have today are really not practical for long-term solutions. Our energy system can now evolve into a rebirth with quantum energy. Quantum Rise is about this young generation and they need a vehicle that matches technology which is here for planetary solutions. The good news is we now have the tools and the technology to implement this today. A grassroots movement is how this will happen. You now have the vehicle to make this happen – Quantum Rise. It's up to you now.

What is the difference between Conventional and Quantum energy?
Think of a race car running at top speed so that it becomes white hot, and rapidly burning fuel and emptying the gas tank. In contrast, a quantum motor runs so fast that it gets even colder, depending on design, and the quantum gas tank wants to give you even more fuel and never goes empty, with no heat or energy pollution byproducts. Research indicates that a quantum motor has the ability to run so fast it can go into quantum locking, cancelling out the Earth's gravitational forces. Quantum energy lies outside the normal rules of physics, heat, and containment, and we need new frameworks and devices to use it. Quantum Rise is the pioneer in both fields.

Why has no one made this Quantum Energy change before?
Today's quantum analytical equipment is widely available and being used by our young scientists working with well-funded major universities across the globe. These tools can now be used to study the nano-sized world. These have not been available for very long, and neither has the requisite manufacturing and rapid analytical technology. New advances have given us the ability to films the speed of light, slow it down or speed it up for our use. Knowledge of the quantum field is nothing new, and the ancient masters appeared to be aware of it but simply lacked our modern tools. With the advantage of new technology, the coming generation will fully embrace quantum energy.

What is the Quantum World?
We live in an infinitely abundant Universe in which limitations simply don't exist. On the authentic level, nature wants to give us an unlimited energy supply, which is always there for the calling. Our only restrictions are those that we place on our own thinking. To understand infinity, go outside on a clear night and look into the sky. There is no end to space and no wall to hit when we are travelling through it. Some refer to space as the Astro World, yet it folds back into the Nano World, sharing the commonality of Authentic Energy. "As above - So below".

What are some other applications of the QR nanoparticles under development?
The use of QR nanoparticles in industry is becoming so important that it is rewriting the textbooks. Every chemical process has been, or will be accelerated and simplified by, the application of nanoparticle science. After decades of research, we have developed nano sized capacitors that have a wide use in electronics, energy generation and storage, biomedicine, agriculture, industrial chemistry, atmospheric clean water production and photonics. These tiny single particle capacitors are safe, abundant, inexpensive and are not made from lithium or other rare elements.

The Energy Breakthrough is here and it is now.