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Our new QR Battery System acts as both a battery and as a quantum energy channeling capacitor to capture free and perpetually available energy through the universal quantum field. With our QR nanoparticles, the battery’s footprint is also very small. The device is almost maintenance free and operates at all temperatures - from room temperature to its melting point. Our QR nanoparticle-based hardware is now entering the manufacturing phase.

Today's analytical equipment

At the quantum level, chemical changes can be observed using advanced analytical equipment, unlocking a new frontier in energy technology.

Todays analytical equipment
What's inside cut with a gallium focused ion beam

What's inside: cut with a gallium-focused ion beam

It is important to note that the QR battery system is a true quantum battery utilizing natures frequency patterns. The QR nanoparticles, as processed, are not made from lithium; instead, they behave similarly to a stem cell. These unique elongated sausage shaped antennas as shown accept a universal asymmetrical non-linear sub atomic frequency for transmission to the electron field of the atom on demand. This technology has exceeded our performance expectations, as confirmed through empirical testing.

QR Nanoparticles being incubated

Our technology is not nuclear power, which works by splitting an atom and generating energy with a random release pattern. Instead, the QR battery system persuades the free quantum energy of frequency to take on the form of matter since frequency is not an electron but can be the building block and behavior of an electron when requested. It is also important to note that the QR nanoparticles are made from abundant metals and minerals that are relatively inexpensive, freely available, and sustainable.

QR Nanoparticles being incubated
QR Battery System

QR Battery System

With its ability to open up a new unlimited quantum energy universe, the application of our QR Battery System starts with restoring the health of our planet and stopping global warming. Third- party university testing has confirmed DC electricity production using our high-performing QR nano particle performance. This approach produces DC current by harvesting quantum energy, an inexhaustible non-polluting energy source, eliminating the need for CO2 production and heat pollution.

Excerpts from White Paper:

……………………This material is used for both the cathode and anode of each cell, with a separating layer of catalyst between components………………………….

…………………..The same occurs at the atomic level, where the atomics axis wobble changes when acting as an anode or a cathode. This small but important wobble creates frequency vibrations that facilitate the quantum effect exploited in the battery. A perfectly aligned spin produces perfect magnetism, while an imperfect spin produces a tunable frequency and usable electricity………………….

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