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Summary Statement of QR Nano particles

The use of QR nano particles in industry is becoming so important that it is rewriting the textbooks. Every chemical process has been, or will be accelerated and simplified by the application of nano particle science. After 30 years research, we have developed nano sized capacitors that have a wide use in electronics, energy generation and storage, biomedicine, agriculture, industrial chemistry, and photonics. These tiny single particle capacitors are safe, inexpensive and are not made from lithium or other rare elements.

  1. the QR Nano Battery. In this form, the nano capacitors amplify the storage capacity of a battery. It allows us to miniaturize the architecture, using micro-fluids and solid state. The result is a light, safe, cheap, reliable storage battery, very small in size and can be used to power cell phones and be scaled up to energy grid size storage.
  2. Biomedicine. The same tiny capacitor can be used to normalize the electrical potential of the human cell. The particle is lodged in the cell wall or membrane where it regulates weak and strong surges of electricity in and out of the cell. Called a 'cellular pacemaker because it is like the function of a heart pacemaker that regulates the heart beat despite disease or pathology. The cellular pacemaker is ingested and finds its way to the cell wall by added coatings of proteins and peptides that guide it into the desired place. Many diseases will be cured using this device because we have for the first time a way to regulate the electrical potential of the cell.  No FDA approvals have been obtained for use in humans,
  3. Photonics and Lasers. Lasers use high energy crystal to generate a light beam at a frequency and power. By adding nano capacitors to the design of the laser crystal, a much higher output of power is achieved without consuming more power. In other words, a 1-watt laser can do the job of a 100-watt laser. The particles amplify the energy generation in the laser.
  4. Agriculture. All plants use nano particles in its primary metabolism to deliver energy to and from the roots, leaves, and for photosynthesis. Adding nano capacitors increases photosynthesis by 20 % with no other additions. This increases growth, yield, health, and water use. Crops do not need traditional fertilizers when designer nano particles are added. They are the fertilizer. Huge increases in growth and yield of fruit, grain, fiber and cellulose are common.

(Please read our disclosures)