Is it Safe?

QR Nanoparticles:

Photons travel at the speed of light, in theory. Electrons have been measured at speeds of less than 1% of that as they travel through a wire in the form of electricity. Recently researchers are measuring the absorption and emissions of photons by electrons. That is, a free electron is exposed to a laser beam, carrying photons and many reactions take place.

The actual cacophony of reactions is not measurable by any instrument. Only the effects are observed and these create more questions than answers.

The different wave lengths of the electromagnetic spectrum represent different colored photons. Once these photons leave the Sun and reach the earth after 8 minutes and 20 seconds, they hit our atmosphere and collide and get absorbed briefly by a multitude of molecules floating in the atmosphere. They bounce, reflect, absorb, and repel their way through millions of reactions to eventually arrive on Earth. A result of all that energetic action in the air is a preponderance of electrons bombarding our Earth along with the photons. Sometimes the electron has absorbed the photons and arrive together. Remember the duality of particles and waves. They are one and the same.

These introductory concepts are important to consider when understanding how nano particles can absorb energy and produce more than it absorbed. A process of amplification takes place due to quantum reactions.

QR nano particles have a multitude of antennae. These vary in size to be in tune with different frequencies of energy waves and particles. They attract the energetic particles from the immediate space and reduce the very high energy to a useful 60 hertz. The excess energy is dissipated through the structure and into surrounding matter. It is a quantum effect as the ‘excess’ reforms itself back into its original form. These specific particles attract the specific electrons that have absorbed photons. The result is a large amount of energy available. Quantum effects produce no heat in the usual understanding of thermodynamics.

This process is different from the ‘energy harvesting’ method of collecting background TV, radio, and microwaves broadcast from commercial towers. The quantity of energy available from this source is real but small, not a commercial quantity. To date the best devices in this space only capture microvolts.

To truly capture, process and make available serous amounts of electrical current, the materials used must be able to decouple from heat and pressure to allow the full quantum effect to do its work. The potential available is unlimited and only limited by the work needed to perform. Load is the trigger to start the process. The higher the load, the better the performance. This concept is counter to popular science but is the essence of quantum.

QR nano particles are a propriety material developed to attract and process high energy particles from the atmosphere. They have been installed in a solid-state battery in a closed system to generate and store energy. In this environment, they recycle amplified energy and pump between a cathode and anode with the use of nano bubbles as carrying agents.

The QR battery is a new device suitable for domestic housing, industrial factories, and grid level storage.


The Sun emits high levels of radiation as gamma waves, x-rays, and cosmic radiation. These are very harmful to humans and those who spend time in airplanes at 40,000 feet get a dose that will accumulate over time. The rest of us earthbound souls still receive a small dose but is considered background and tolerable.

The last 100 years has seen a dramatic increase in atmospheric radiation from broadcast towers, TV radio, micro-waves, electric high-tension lines, mobile phones, computer screens etc. This is an experiment with our health that humans have never encountered before. Manufacturers claim it is all harmless. Those who are sensitive to EMF claim it is killing them. The majority have no symptoms, until they do, and then medicine reiterates the manufacturers claims. It is a real problem and will kill many people, with no recognition from Government. They are so heavily invested in digital data that they can’t afford to recognize any health problems as the compensation payments would send them broke.

Beyond the airwaves we have cars, appliances, devices all driven by batteries. The most popular is lithium and is being used everywhere. Tesla electric cars use one ton of lithium batteries in their car. The driver sits on a network of batteries wiring, terminals and is inside a computer terminal. Your bottom is only inches from 300 kW of stored electricity. It MUST have a bad effect on your health over time. The first cell phones were in a suitcase and operated at 3 watts. People put them under their driver’s seat and exposed their private parts to a lot of radiation. Some cases of genital cancer were reported.

With that in mind, imagine the effect of sitting in a cradle of 1800 computer batteries.

Radiation is also drifting around the world from nuclear accidents. The Japanese Fukushima disaster poisoned large areas of land and ocean, as did the Chernobyl reactor explosion in Russia a few decades earlier. The radiation particles drift in the air, we breath them in, they settle on water, food, everything we touch. These particles accumulate in us and have an effect. To date there is no protection except avoidance. Governments have turned a blind eye to radiation fallout as it is their own military that has caused most of it. All the atomic bomb tests carried out in the 1950’s and 60’s, left a legacy of contamination that lasts for centuries. Our archaeologists have adopted the dating method of measuring the radioactive fallout as a marker in Earth’s history as it is such a unique event and poisonous event.

Any new product should not add to this overwhelming level of radiation present in the world. Batteries will become essential to energy storage in the future and radiation is a concern. Lithium has reached its peak of usefulness and is on the way out. We need a new battery that will build health not reduce it. Health has not been the main concern of device manufactures, profit is the main driver. If we are to really deal with climate change we seriously need health to be the main driver. It is possible to make devices that promote health, assist with climate change, and perform well.

To that end Quantum Rise has designed products that meet this high aspiration. Our goal has been to achieve excellent performance while addressing the immediate challenges of the world. Using quantum energy in applications achieves this good result and is a cutting-edge way to help quality of life on earth and the earth itself.

How can a battery assist with health?

Quantum energy is not exactly like electricity when in potential. It can be made into electricity and we use it for all appliances. As the energy is seduced into an identifiable form it is converted to DC current. Before that conversion it is better described as a conjugated wave form that has healthful effects. It is the means by which other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum gain their healthful effects, e.g. Infrared heat, ultrasound.

The QR battery is designed with this in mind and radiates a healthful field in its immediate vicinity. This field is not fully magnetic or electrical. It is a hybrid that both protects and stimulates people and the environment. The field has no measurable heat, but like IR it promotes a heating effect in the body while the air in between is cold.

The battery itself benefits from such a field in that it shields from harmful radiation. The battery circuitry will not short out under a Sun-flare or similar event. Modern ultrasound weapons that disable all computers and phones will not effect this battery as the field surrounding it will convert the energy into itself. This may sound like science fiction but watch this space for what will become the accepted normal.

In short QR has invested heavily in the future to fix the present. Our world is in serious trouble and industry keeps playing the fiddle while Rome burns. Governments struggle between economic and human priorities. We cannot rely on them to fix anything soon. It is up to responsible people and companies to fix it and expect no thanks. The satisfaction comes from having a future and living it.

QR batteries give exceptional performance though harvesting quantum energy and reusing it to store energy. It also gives health benefits from being in its company. No other device attempts this role and Quantum Rise is a leader in this technology. We believe this is the future and responsibility of all electronics. Join us in the process and empower yourself to make change for good.