The IPCC Report is Out - Code Red = Our Tipping Point has Passed This is THE DIRECTSolution to Global Warming

burst-with-battery Harvesting Unlimited Energy from Frequency Generated Through Nanoparticles
The Energy Breakthrough is Here

The answer for fixing Climate Change is right in front of us by releasing rules taught in Newtonian physics that can limit our thinking. The conclusion of the masters may surprise you: See Einstein's quote. Accepting that different rules apply in this quantum realm is a conditioned nonstarter for most until this was announced in April 2021 "A tiny, wobbling muon just shook particle physics to its core" by the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab).

It is widely accepted by the Ancient philosophers that applying subatomic energy frequency can be obtained using an inexpensive common metal (not lithium). New discoveries show they are correct. A new universal frequency energy generator has been invented using this common metal through its unique atomic form in the processed nanoparticle state.

With unlimited applications, we use it for generating DC energy to fix the damage of Global Warming. It is natures quantum energy source. It is like the vibration of a crystal in a Timex watch that is always there just waiting to be called upon to produce time. Vibration or frequency is not an electron however in a universal perpetual vibrationally active form can produce DC energy if requested. Each atomic element has different properties. This is the simple explanation and pictures of the nanoparticle technology of why and how it works:

The breakthrough has already been discovered and even confirmed with a prominent third party University report specializing in nanotechnology using our nanoparticles.

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Features and Benefits of QR Nanoparticles

The QR system is a "Quantum Energy Processor". It has the inherent desire to attract, store, emit and change disruptive polluting energy to the requested form on demand. These nanoparticles operate under a different set of measurement rules, so voltage, amperage, and ohms do not adequately describe the performance. It is quantum. Since is operates without resistance it is "Transohmic" and no heat is generated. All quantum energy is made accessible through asymmetry in nature and captured at natures frequency at the sub atomic level before the electron. It is often described as a wobble in the axis of spinning particles and is natures fuel for the electron.

  • Quantum energy is accessed "on demand" when called upon anywhere
  • Harvests all forms of environmental energy through a self-adjustable frequency collection system
  • Supplies Direct Current (DC) electricity in a variety of wave forms on demand
  • Self-regulating and predictive - responds to load memory
  • On-demand energy eliminates all forms of current energy storage technology – the common battery
  • Next alternative to lithium and other sources of energy i.e. Solar, Nuclear, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen, Geothermal, attempts at Fusion, etc.
  • Quantum devices allow natures algorithms to act without interference or constraint
  • It continually learns what its purpose is with continued use and is wireless
  • Made with abundant minerals that do not compete with industry supply chains
  • The unit is a nanoscale device with a tiny earth footprint
  • Replaces and eliminates massive solar field footprints
  • Offers the world # 1 cheapest and abundant 'green' energy ever available for immediate mass production
  • This advanced science allows the replacement of trapped heat from greenhouse gases, methane, and CO2 back into space.
  • Prominent 3rd party University confirmation substantiates results
It eliminates the need for CO2 and greenhouse gas production - Global Warming
It creates a new world in job creation and infrastructure

Today we are faced with extreme global challenges as we have never experienced before. We can look at failure as the worst-case scenario and throw in the towel, or as a learning experience that helps us recover, grow, and get even better.

Our mission is to unlock this new frontier in Quantum energy technology starting with the challenges against Global Warming. We can create a future in which our children inherit the same planet we use to enjoy, but it takes all of us to turn this dream into reality. We have to take out every tool in our tool box and try whatever it takes even if we do not understand it.

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"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

- Mahatma Gandhi.