An Opinion

Measurement in Quantum
(An Opinion)

This is a contradiction of terms as the fundamental movement of energy in quantum, is not measurable. However, for the purposes of explanation and application, some form of measurement is needed. In science, we resort to the known concepts of shape, number, volume, color, frequency etc. We describe something using all known parameters to create a description that we all agree on. Science specializes in using high level language that separates 'academic' from non-academic. It is precise language based on known and accepted measurements. This method perpetuates the concept of limits on everything. Quantum has no limits, it is unlimited potential. Everything is in a state of potential in the universe until needed. Energy passes through the veil of 'information' and takes on form according to the directive or software instruction. The in – formation form of energy is 'in' the transitional space between energy and matter. It is being formed, directed, instructed, given purpose and is not separate from the original form or the final form. Much of the instruction comes from us and our perception of it. It constructs itself according to our understanding. 'The world is as you see it".

Now this is not helpful to most as we are so accustomed to measurement. We only see things in limited forms. Our acceptance of what we see is limited to our training and experience of the world. If we experience something outside that safety net, we become dis-oriented, frightened and can result in what society calls mental illness. Is there really something wrong with your mind because you experience something others don't? Society defines the limits and enforces them through laws of conformity. Free thinkers are often persecuted and punished, or at the very least, ignored. Free thinking is not welcome in education, politics, religion, or love.

To be able to use quantum energy, we need to be free of all the preconceived ideas of measurement, relativity, limitation, and fear. Quantum will co-operate with us at the level we are comfortable with. Lots of limits will delegate the quantum effects to be a trace only. A tiny portion of reality once we measure and negate particles, matter, antimatter, entropy and symmetry. The current science position is that we only exist because of a tiny overdose of asymmetry in the calculations of physics. One billionth percentage of asymmetry. This tiny remainder of matter forms the worlds we know. This concept is seen as an accident in the formation of matter and worlds. It is portrayed this way because of measurement and attachment to measurement.

Philosophers have not always thought this way. The ancients described matter using affinities or observed that some things liked other things more. Just like people who are drawn to others without understanding why. This system only observed the degree of affinity or attraction. They assumed every form of matter was perfect in its present form and the attraction was an outward demonstration of generosity. Matter did not need anything or anyone, the attraction was positive action, love, evolution, and education. We can attract quantum energy and use it for good if we become attractive to it. It is intelligent and not submissive. It will co-operate with us if we make ourselves receptive.

Rather than think of measurement, think action, load, and result. What work do we want done?

By focusing on the desired result, seeing it clearly, trusting it and have no doubt. In this state, quantum energy will supply and give the result. All this is so counterintuitive to our training that it takes a lot to overcome our doubts. But doubt is the demon, and it must be thrown out.

Throughout the ages, philosophers have taught ways to process and understand energy, action, potential and results. They have not always agreed. Aristotle, in ancient Greece said to measure everything, know its properties and plan its use. Augustine of the middle ages said to surrender everything and accept God and divine revelation. Aquinas from the 16th century said to use reason, a combination of the two. All 3 methods fail when considering quantum. Logic and reason do not induce or attract quantum energy, only action, work, loads, and appreciation of the unlimited nature of potential will succeed. In the famous 'slit' experiment with beams of light to illustrate the quantum effect, beams are passed through slits to arrive at a background barrier with a combination of individual photon particles, illuminating the surface, while the area between the slits shows waves of light illuminating the 'in between' areas.

This experiment has perplexed researchers for 50 years trying to understand the nature of the result. How can light exit as particles and a wave at the same time? How can individual particles exist in 2 or more places at once. How do they know and communicate with each other.

There is no easy answer as we resort to measurement again to understand. Measuring the particles as waves confuses us but its all we know. We are like children. We can only know light by experiencing the dark. Always and only the opposite provides the limited understanding. Imagine we only ever knew light. We had never experienced darkness. Would we be confused? I suggest no. We would just enjoy it take it for granted. So it is with quantum energy, it has no darkness or opposite, it just is and so tolerates being measured, puts on show for us, invents darkness so we can experience it and does the work we need for continued exitance. We only get out of quantum what our pre-conceived ideas allow. Measurement is a combination of all our senses trying to make sense of all around us. It is the God of Science. Without measurement, Science would have nothing to do. Once something is measured and documented, the work is done and science can move onto the next one, content that it is mastered. The failing of this approach is that we miss 99% of its capabilities and use. To access all this excess energy, we must resist doubt, skepticism and be open to the unlimited potential available. This sounds like preaching, have faith and all will be provided. Well in a way of thinking this is true. Quantum is like the God of religion, science is the devil, seducing everyone to be skeptical and measure everything. Good and evil, light and dark, on and off, positive and negative. It takes faith to not be seduced by this. To finish this analogy, the quantum state is God, energy is his off-spring (Jesus), the devil is the ignorance of the potential, pretending to be the savior, and hell is the addiction to the ignorance. Heaven is the full acceptance, supply and use of quantum energy. So, is it wrong to measure everything? Am I going to hell? No. It just means we limit our experience of what is available, and only capture 1% of what's available.

Mind you that 1% is very powerful and not to be ignored. The apparent small number of 1% is enough energy to power all we know, if used correctly.

The devices we build to capture and store energy are bulk chemical materials arranged in such a way as to exploit the maximum energy from the materials used. This is the 'energy density' concept of science measurement. All materials are measured for their stored chemical energy and this is seen as the only reliable source of energy. Hence we use fossil fuels, coal, and oil as the main drivers. The result is a climate change emergency, which is again measured to prove its existence.

Devices can be built to use more than 1% of the available quantum energy. It requires a major shift away from the energy density concept of materials science. Presently all devices to extract or store energy are bulk chemical design, based on physics from 100 years ago. It may include 1% of quantum energy with or without the knowledge or intent of the designers. Many modern devices such as cell phones, computers and electronics house a quantum effect incorporated In the circuitry, but the exact process is not able to be measured. This is a secret because manufacturers are compelled to explain to regulators how it works, and in these details, they cannot. Such is the political power of measurement. Fortunately, quantum scientists are not bound to this dogma and explore quantum energy and it use for everyone's benefit. There is a large divide between quantum scientists and the rest due to this freedom from measurement. Yes they do attempt to measure any aspect of quantum that responds to it, but mostly they just experience it, like religion, and write about it. The math's used to express the process are new invented values that have no limit, so, the theoretical expression of quantum is not limited. Math's can describe how quantum can co-exist with all known energies because the values do not constrain the final result. When the math's is translated into a physical device, we end up with a design using 99% chemical energy density and 1% quantum. All this shows that the potential freedom of working with quantum energy results in limitations through math's modelling, chemical modelling, narrow thinking and blind conformance to academic hierarchy.

A true quantum device ignores the known tables of materials energy density and seeks to capture or seduce the presence of more than 1% of what is available. How much more? We don't know the number because we cannot and don't wish to measure it. The very attempt to measure it automatically reduces the number to 1.

The device is built with a concept of affinities. Materials that like each other and co-operate to yield energy on demand. How do you know which materials to use? Trial and error over decades, as there is no textbook of measurement to follow. Instead we have 'guide books' of others who have attempted the same thing. These writers are often philosophers and do not write in high level science language, deliberately. They appeared to already know that to measure the energy is to constrain it. They write in symbolism, poetic descriptions and reduce complex ideas to everyday experiences of people. The hierarchy of energy is likened to a social arrangement between people. Marriage, divorce, love, promiscuity, monogenism, religious faith and atheists. Capitalists and socialism. Life in general as we know it. When two materials 'like' each other it is obvious to any observer. You don't have to be a scientist to know that 2 magnets will be attracted. The same level of attraction and interaction happens at a quantum level and is much stronger than magnetism. About a million times stronger but don't quote me as I did not measure it, deliberately. In Australia, the native aboriginals have a perception of counting that goes One, two…. plenty. No attempt to count past that is made in traditional teachings. This suggests that they are aware of the artificial constraints put on energy, society and happiness by strict measurement. They are not ignorant of math's, on the contrary, their 'dreamtime cosmology' is complete and describes the freedom of energy. There are many parallels with quantum and the dreamtime. Considering this race is the oldest continuous race on earth, for 60,000 years, I'm inclined to pay attention to the teachings.

The well-known Boomerang is a carved piece of wood that is thrown into the air, rotates and returns to the thrower with extreme accuracy. This seems a simple device but involved incredible knowledge of aerodynamics, moisture values, timber density, velocity, angular momentum, kinetic energy and when measured using these 'known' values, defies the laws. In other words, a boomerang should not fly as it does, if all our measurements are true. However, it does fly, very well and has done for thousands of years, because the dreamtime tells them how to make it according to natures laws. There is a quantum effect happening in the making and using of the device. Each one is different made by a person who will use it. Their view of the world and understanding of the dreamtime (everything is connected) results in the perfect device, for them only. This is accepted knowledge by aboriginals and works well.

Our quantum device should incorporate some of this knowledge to access the potential. We place materials together that should not work according to materials science, only to discover that they do. Through trial and error, close observation, and not measuring anything, it is possible to capture quantum energy in excess of the 1% described earlier. The result is only known by the work it performs. A load must be attached to the device for the potential quantum energy to reveal itself, transform into usable energy and do work. If no work is demanded, nothing happens. All this is diametrically opposed to accepted scientific method and is dismissed as ignorance of real science.

A battery constructed using quantum effects and affinities, only works when a work load is demanded. Otherwise it sits, inert, no electrical potential is obvious or measurable. In the eyes of science it cannot work, just like the boomerang. The energy available for the work increases as the load increases, showing that the energy is coming from an unlimited source.

'Show us your battery', science demands, 'let us measure it'. We do give the battery to science and they measure it, using standard electrochemistry techniques of energy density, conductivity, resistance, wave shape and form, etc. They visually look at it through electron microscopes, atomic microscopes and determine the atomic structure, measure the size and shape of every particle involved, everything parameter that can be measured is measured, and the conclusion is does not conform to any known system and therefore cannot function as a battery of capacitor, 'don't waste our time any further'.

This is the dilemma of quantum. The world needs better energy generation and storage but only if it is academically approved and conforms to present thinking. The purpose of this paper is to alert ordinary people to the limitations of academia and product design. The solutions are available but new thinking is required. Given the time constraints of that climate change imposes on us, we have to allow 'quantum leaps' to occur in the world of technology. This will happen when ordinary people use their common sense to buy a product that works, regardless of any other authority telling them only buy tried and tested products. That approach has failed and led to climate change with worse to come. It is out of date thinking, tiny incremental steps over generations. We need the large quantum leap into a future of safe unlimited energy, that will save the planet and our species.