Unlocking Free Quantum Energy Just Announced!



Unlocking Free Quantum Energy Just Announced!

Nanotechnology starts Job Creation and the end to Global Warming


November 1, 2021

Quantum Rise originated as a private group of researchers leading to an international grassroots movement. Their goal is to stop global warming and climate change. They supply new energy using their 'QR Nanoparticles'. These harvest DC electricity directly from our quantum field. The energy "fuel source" is our quantum field. This is now made possible today by modern advances in analytical equipment.

Not to be passed off lightly this is the final energy contender in global green energy in eliminating CO2 that has never been available as our solution until today. Making quantum electrical energy available to everyone will allow industry and households to stop polluting and become our change to global warming as our universal solution. We are faced with an urgent calling for our exponential and devastation climate change. Quantum Rise asks you to join in their grassroots movement from education to application and make this quantum shift. www.quantum-rise.org

The quantum medium is well recognized and established by the work of scientific masters such as Einstein, Tesla, and many others. It was only a matter of time before other major universities began to also recognize quantum advancements in clean energy.

"Our green future may rely on energy-conversion devices at scales and temperatures where quantum effects become relevant or even dominant." (Nature.com and The University of New South Wales)

The QR Nanoparticles are not made from lithium, instead functioning similarly to a stem cell. They go through an incubation phase in their manufacturing process. Quantum energy waves collected collapse into solid particles. This is far different than nuclear energy. It is the same perpetual quantum energy that fuels an electron or what keeps our earth spinning around the sun. Moreover, QR Nanoparticles are made from abundant metals and minerals that are less expensive, freely available, and sustainable.

Sol-Up, Inc. is Nevada's largest solution provider for solar energy and Tesla Powerwall battery storage installer. "After 6 years, we are so excited to finally enter into our Letter of Intent with Quantum Rise for this amazing energy technology." Frank Rieger, CEO

The QR Nanoparticles are tuned to a spectrum of frequencies to attract, collect, compress, and convert quantum authentic energy into a usable commercial form of electricity. With University confirmation, the QR Nanoparticles performance has been tested and confirmed by 3rd party experts and is starting production though this grassroots movement.

Our world desperately needs solutions to global warming and Quantum Rise believes it is ordinary people like you and me who will rise to solve it. Governments struggle with politics and are not working. We the people can fix it together when empowered with the tools and knowledge and our time is very limited.

Quantum Rise is YOU and your commitment to solving this requires your help. www.quantum-rise.org

Media contact: Quantum@Quantum-Rise.org