QR Nanoparticles replace Uranium

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QR Nanoparticles replace Uranium

September 1, 2021

Nuclear Plants Can Now Be Converted with Safe Non-Radioactive Fuel Rods

Since the announcement of the QR nanoparticles the reaction was for immediate applications into existing troublesome energy systems. We can never forget nuclear disasters of Chernobyl, Fukushima, Three Mile Island and others which residual has not gone away. Currently, there are 440 nuclear reactors in operation in some 30 countries around the world.

Excerpt; "The cocktail of the QR nanoparticle has been modified for heat energy to create a non-radioactive fuel rod. This rod is the same dimensions and form of existing radioactive fuel rods. Our goal is to replace existing rods in existing nuclear power generating plants with QR rods. No other changes to infrastructure are necessary. The result is a quantum leap in safety and costs. The Non-radioactive emissions (NRE) of heat energy given off by the QR fuel rods are continuous and gain in efficiency over time rather than being diminished. The usual radioactive decay of nuclear fuel rods is no longer needed to drive the ‘core’ of the generation plant. All the radiation containment is no longer needed but can remain as existing plants will house some residual radiation as a result of the past work." Estimate on installations can start as soon as 12 months. For more information on the technology: www.quantum-rise.org/pages/technology

Non-radioactive fuel rods have many advantages over existing Uranium dioxide fuel rods.

  • Environment. No toxic waste, no storage needed for spent rods, no radioactive half life, no pollution.
  • Humans. Safe to handle, no special equipment needed to store, remove, replace or handle. No radioactive contamination, no pollution of air, water, sea or food.
  • Flora and fauna. No radioactive fallout, no damage or mutation to DNA, no threat to food safety.
  • Existing nuclear power plants. Safe replacement of existing toxic fuel rods with NRE rods.
  • Saving on expenses of protection of radiation, storage of uranium based fuel rods, disposal of waste, no accidents, reduced insurance, no health hazards to humans.
  • Economy. NRE will eliminate need for mining radioactive minerals, will stimulate technology, create new jobs and provide cheap electricity.


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