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Our mission is to help restore the health of our planet starting with the fight against global warming.

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QR nanotechnology has arrived with the use of university-proven quantum energy. This technology can eliminate our addiction to CO2 production and heat generation acting as a vaccine against pollution.

Quantum Rise is a critically important grassroots movement focused on unlimited quantum energy.

We represent a global, unified paradigm shift, funded solely by your membership dues and donations.

We are all counting on you!

We have a short time left to act on climate change – if we don't act then what? Extinction? What about our Children?

"Climate change is striking harder and more rapidly than many expected"

We've got a lot to do, but not much time.

Now is the time to stop talking, focus on our purpose, and aggressively build QR Technology.

You might be asking "What can I do right now?" We ask you to share our campaign with your friends, family, neighbors and on social media to help us go viral. Then become a member, make a donation and become an affiliate to recruit other members.

The Quantum Rise membership package includes:

A 2-year membership fee: $450 per member or 3 monthly payments of $150 each. With membership, you will receive your approval code.

Priority Reports on Quantum Rise License Agreements and Joint Ventures as a key asset for future investments

  • Quantum Information and Education
  • Member exclusive merchandise - T-shirt with the Quantum Rise educational map. Free downloads of poster artwork
  • ¼ Newsletters – Authentic insights newsletters with progress updates and technological advances.
  • Our Affiliate Referral program lets you become more active in the movement, and provides income or pay-it-forward options to those who are financially struggling. Repost our updates on your social media every day, week, or month to promote our viral mission.

Affiliate Program Revenue Sharing

Can't afford a membership right now? No problem.

  • We provide a 2 tier Affiliate sales program with 15% paid on the $450 membership and 7.5% paid on the second tier referral membership
  • SIGN UP to our affiliate program where you can use your social media to promote Quantum Rise and receive a commission for each customer that becomes a new member you recruit.
  • The application provides the approval code.

Donation – Pledge your support here.

Larger donor and end of life Pledges contact us

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

- Mahatma Gandhi.