Overall notes for discussion Quantum Rise Website


We have great content, photos, and video footage. Most of all our message is global to all races, sexes, and ages. Our website must wreak of professionalism. Our number 1 issue on our planet is Global warming. (can we locate before and after air pollution maybe on free stock on the web) There are some on the web when the Covid 19 isolation happened?

Landing page and other page ideas:

A Global Quantum Energy Shift

Enter into your new world of Quantum Rise

We can do this!

Join US!

A grassroots movement

A global Paradyme shift

Quantum Energy = (Transitioning to) Atomic Energy

Thought is Not an Atom

Quantum Energy IS our source of Authentic Energy

The final contender QR Energy

Focus on mission Global Warming

Global Paradyme shift – how to do it

Fight Global warming 

Energy Transformation Change in your life

Non-polluting and reduction of CO2 

Stimulate our economy – new jobs


Features and benefits in other applications? - If appropriate: 

  • Harvest water from air
  • Water
  •  food 
  • clean air 
  • clean energy
  • Footprint size small for Quantum Energy
  • Generates energy at room temperature
  • Off grid energy

Tab ideas after landing page (TABS):

Not in any order:

  1. Join Us (Membership Page and Donation) 2 level deep for now – pay it forward add later? Launch now. We don’t have much time and a lot to do. Join now!
  2. The Technology old page recreated. Content OK? Let’s build the hardware now. We don’t have much time and a lot to do.
  3. Q &A 
  4. Our Story (From the beginning Video)
  5. Affiliate marketing (How to benefit financially through your income business of Social Media, friends, and neighbors) Share now. 
  6. Affiliates tool box (Password or affiliate number to have access to?)

Tool box allows access to 30 second spot, 1 minute and 3-minute video spot. Other tools for affiliate support marketing TBD by Katherine and John.